Importance of spot cooling in restaurant kitchens

Article by Rich Bitch Itch

It is a known fact that the temperatures can drastically increase up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit in restaurant kitchens, because of continuous cooking and grilling activities. This is because heat tends to get trapped in enclosed kitchen spaces. Moreover, most of the commercial kitchen space is cramped with equipment and employees.

In such cases, the existing central air conditioning system fail to keep up with the heat that has been generated and this cooling system does not efficiently cool the restaurant space. Spot cooling is the perfect solution as it can not only supplement your current central AC unit, but it also helps to distribute the excess heat buildup in the cooking area.

The importance of spot cooling in restaurant kitchens lies in the fact that excessive heat inside restaurant kitchens can easily ruin the raw ingredients and prepared dishes. Moreover, excessive heat can make the staff extremely uncomfortable. This could eventually affect their productivity and performance.

There are several restaurants that effectively use spot coolers. These units can counter heat buildup and will also provide cool air to your kitchen. Moreover, spot coolers can be placed directly where the heat is concentrated making the kitchen more comfortable for everyone. Spot cooling can also be used in the restaurant’s dining area, to provide comfort to the guests. This is done with the help of flexible air tubes of cooling unit, which will help to cool areas that require it most.


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