How To Replace Your Seat Cushions

With the lovely weather, people start thinking about vacation time. There’s nothing better than a few weeks at the beach. But there are chores to do as well. During colder months, we all tend to neglect things like cleaning the garage, yard, car and even the house. But spring and summer are great times to clean up and organize. This includes revitalizing your furniture.

Check your furniture both indoor and outdoor, to see if you need new seat cushions. This means boats and campers too. These often need replacing every couple of years. That’s because they get more abuse. They may get sand, debris and moisture embedded in the foam rubber. After a certain amount of use, foam will fall apart. It may harden or get a strong odor. Though flipping cushions can help, there will come a day when you’ll need to replace them.

Replacing seat cushions is not that difficult or expensive. Begin by measuring each cushion you want to replace. Make a note of whether you need new seat covers. Be sure to get the sizes correct. Once you have a list of the number of seat cushions and sizes, you simply head to an online store like The Foam Factory to order your new cushions. They can cut foam rubber to any shape or size.

The only other issue is what type of foam to buy. There are many types of foam rubber including memory foam, conventional foam, convoluted foam and latex foam.

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