Create a unique curbside vibe with a mailbox garden

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We all want curbside appeal for our homes, and a large part of that appeal comes from the mailbox. Some residents use decorative mailboxes, others stick to plain mailboxes, but few of those designs lend themselves well to a garden setting. When you have a garden that needs its own distinct mailbox design, consider planting around your mailbox. Here are some ideas for your mailbox garden.

According to California Mailboxes, most mailboxes are up against the street. You will need to plant something that can stand the heat during summer and the winter salt. Some good options are Iris, California Poppy, Yellow Coreopsis and many more.

You can also grow a vine on your mailbox post. The post is the perfect setting for a vine to grow and add accent to whatever flowers at the base of the mailbox.

Change the look of the mailbox every year when you use annual flowers. They bloom all year round and allow you to maintain different distinct looks to your mailbox setting every year.

Also, consider surrounding the area around your mailbox with flowers. People tend to view a property more favorably when there are colorful flowers around the front yard.

Start small with something you can control and that is familiar to you. Also, keep the initial mailbox garden small, so there won’t be a lot of maintenance during the early days. Keep the selection of flowers and plants to match your style.

Don’t have a curbside mailbox? No fear. You can still dress up your attached mailbox by keeping high impact plants around in either a single large pot or several small pots.


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