Using planters to spruce up your mailbox and your street

There are several ways people decorate their mailboxes to create some kind of differentiation from their neighbours. Some will paint the mailbox, others will add decorations, and some might even hide it behind other larger items in the yard. However, another great idea is to use planters and plants to give your mailbox a unique and refreshing look. Here are some ideas from California Mailboxes:


The most common method is to use a garden decoration to cover the mailbox entirely. You can cover almost any mailbox, even security mailboxes. Just imagine, you can additional security to your already secure mailbox by keeping it out of general sight.


Another common method is to use an urn as a planter and place it below the mailbox. It has a classy look and can accommodate generally large plants. Also, when the weather turns bad you can just move the planter indoors.

Attached planter

You can also add a planter which is part of the house number. The planter attaches to the back of the mailbox column and has the number on either side. It is very stylish, classy, and is good for someone who wants a bit of green.


Similar to the above, you have a planter that is side-by-side with your mailbox. The planter does not show the house number but is there to add some greenery to the mailbox. The house number on this style sites above the mailbox and is visible in all directions.

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