A Garden Patio For Your Soul

Article provided by Wicker Paradise.

Having a traditional patio with a small garden, fish pond and other delightful elements may just be the thing you need to come home to after a hard day’s work.

Your garden is what you want it to be. Plan the theme well be it a tropical garden with teak furniture or you can even have one looking like a scene from an exotic island; a combo of unusual plants and wicker furniture would do the trick. You can even have a set of customized patio furniture to blend with your modern theme interior decor.

Whatever you decide to do for your garden, you can be sure that the perfect end result would require a great deal of effort. A beautiful garden would certainly increase the value of your home however; it is the quiet moment that is soothing to the soul is what gives a beautiful garden its priceless value.

Even starting from scratch, a keen do-it-yourself enthusiasts (with a whole lot time on his hands and an equally hefty amount of patience) could easily conjure magic in about a year’s time, but be ready to get down and dirty to be able to reap the benefit of seeing your patio blossom into a sub-urban paradise. The process of creating in itself is highly rewarding, but do have a blueprint at hand so that you do not have to second guess the detailing of your patio garden.

When embarking on a project for the first time, it is ideal if you have someone to guide you. Who knows more about gardens than gardener? A gardener will provide you with the tips and references for your garden. You should also have a garden somewhere that is the source of your inspiration. It is hard to simply imagine what should be grown in your garden. A real garden will provide a clear picture of what you should have.

Mix and match your garden’s populace. There are a dazzling amount of beautiful plants – including small fruits trees and miniature palms – instead of just a straightforward “flower patch with the odd wood accessory thrown in the way”- look. Take care that you do not over plant the bigger trees as it is a garden we are creating and not a shrubbery, and especially not a miniature forest.

If the tropical look is what you have in mind, teak should be furnishing your outdoor as patio furniture. This is because, not only does it bring out the tropical look, this timeless beauty is also durable and is able to withstand the harsh outdoor environment. Keeping it looking good is also not an issue teak does it naturally. Think about getting a teak pergola for instance. Though it is pricey, you will not be disappointed with the whole outlook that it will provide your garden. Another plus point for having a teak pergola is it is mobile; you can move it to other positions in garden should you decide to change the layout of your garden.

A slight disadvantage in using wood, as opposed to, say, concrete, in that wood are less pliable in nature. You cannot but work around them, instead of having the pieces of teak furniture conform to your needs and inclination. It is really a matter of one’s choice and preferences. With wood, however, there are less chance for left over debris which could ruin the overall look of your patio garden.

You can have patio umbrellas to protect your plants during the early stage of growth. Once the plants are big enough and can in turn provide you with the shade, you can take off the patio umbrella. But, if you have a stylish wooden patio umbrella, you might want to keep it around for it will not only enhance the look of your garden but also protect you from the hot sun and rain should you are required to work in the garden during these weather.

Should you go for outdoor heaters in your garden patio? If you must, do so, however, it is best that you let nature be the decisive factor in providing the necessary temperature changes required for the plants. The idea of having one must be for being able to enjoy your backyard no matter the season, but it does defeat the purpose of having a natural garden in the first place.

If you do plan to use outdoor heater, make sure that you include them during the planning stage so that it would not spoil the whole outlook or create any problems later.

Can it ever be complete? yes it would, but it will never be the end. That, I believe, is the simple unending joy of having one’s own garden that it would grow with you; just like nurturing your children, but minus the tantrums – well, at a much lesser level, that is! – and watching them blossomed and mature as we age gracefully.

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