Why Memory Foam is Worth the Investment

Summary: Technological advancements have led to the creation of different kinds of materials. As it turns out, there are numerous benefits to using memory foam that help us live healthier lives.

Pain Relief

One of the biggest benefits of investing in a bed mattress made of memory foam is the fact that it successfully relieves and prevents pain. Memory foam mattresses contour to your body, whereas other kinds of mattresses, such as those with springs, typically focus pressure on certain areas of the body. These mattresses essentially require users to contour their bodies to fit them, which ultimately creates unnecessary pressure. Those who do not use memory foam mattresses may actually wake up to more pain than they felt before sleeping.

By evenly distributing the support it provides users with, memory foam is beneficial to those with painful medical conditions like arthritis. The fact that the material does not put emphasized pressure on some parts of the body is a plus for those who struggle to sleep well at night. Decreasing the amount of discomfort that people feel at night and preventing pain from developing may additionally contribute to a better sleep, leaving users feeling well-rested, energized, and physically comfortable to approach the next day.

Handling Movement

Memory foam’s reaction to movement is quite unique, in that it is capable of absorbing and isolating motion, rather than simply transferring it. To demonstrate the effectiveness of this feature, some commercials have featured people jumping on a memory foam mattress on one end of the bed, while there is a glass filled with wine on the other end that is left undisturbed. While drastic, this demonstration shows just how much of a difference memory foam can make in the lives of couples with different sleeping schedules or individuals classified as light sleepers. Rolling around and getting in or out of bed no longer have the potential to wake a partner up, allowing him or her to continue resting peacefully.

Very Durable and Easy Maintenance

Mattresses are essential and are one of the necessities individuals can not do without. When making big investments in your sleep you want to make sure that your mattress will be durable and will not need to be replaced too often. Typical spring mattresses have a useful life of around 6 years, while high density memory foam mattresses can last as long as 10 years.

Additionally, memory foam mattresses require little to no maintenance, outside of vacuuming and rotating the bed every now and then. Waterbeds, electronic mattresses, and mattresses with springs are more prone to wear and tear and may require users to fix or replace components much more often. When purchasing a memory foam mattress you can rest peacefully knowing that the investment is sound and that it will make you a healthier person.

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