How to Decorate with Style for the Summer Season

Summary: Accessorizing your home strategically can make all the difference.

With Summer right around the corner, isn’t it time you did some decorating for your living space?

If you’re in the mood to take on some new interior design projects, these tips will help guide you towards your goal.

Showcase Vibrant Colors

When you think Summer, you think bright, bold colors. Don’t let the beauty of the seasons be dulled down by dark, drab colors. But this doesn’t mean you should go over-the-top and exaggerate with the brightest colors either. Make sure you strike a balance between the two so you can create a beautiful blend.

For example, let’s say your new replacement cushion cover is dark-tinted. While it might not be the ideal color of summer, it can coexist with other bright colors. This is where accessories can come into play. By incorporating a select number of decorative items such as paintings, lampshades, and hanging lights, you can easily turn your room into an intriguing space.

Avoid Cluttering

Sometimes the best way to make a room feel empty is to actually empty out the contents inside. So, remember that bulky Christmas tree you JUSTIFY in the corner? It has to go.

Taking out furniture pieces and other items that don’t mesh well with others is a great way to start. Remember, you want someone to come into your room and have enough leg room to navigate around, as opposed to tripping on toys or banging their knees on a coffee table. Another option you have is to replace your old furniture pieces by shopping from established supplies like The Foam Factory for example. This way, you can start off the season with a bang.

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