How to Add That Much-Needed Touch To Your Patio Seating

Written by: The Foam Factory

Summary: Patios have been neglected in terms of exterior design. These tips can help take your cozy space and turn it into a dream come true.

One of the most overlooked areas of a household is the outdoor patio. Rather, the outdoor seating area. What could give off a more relaxing vibe then tables and chairs under a shady veranda, a lounge overlooking the garden, and chairs all settled around a cozy fire pit. If you’re considering adding a new seating area or just want to spruce up your existing one, take at look at some of these ideas to make your outdoor patio a bit more alluring.

Recreate Your Dream Vacation

By styling your outdoor patio with design details that remind you of being on holiday, you’ll recreate that rambunctious imagery that’ll provide a never-ending wave of nostalgia every time you step outside. If you have fond memories of beach vacations, style your seating area with lounge chairs, custom foam cushions, and glass lanterns. Or, if you’re into a more exotic feel, like the look and feel of Tuscany, implement a warm-toned gravel and bistro-style furniture.

Care for Your Outdoor Patio Like Your Living Room

Many homeowners go to great lengths to make their homes feel inviting, such as investing in comfortable furniture, adding a variety of layers and depth to their textiles, and choosing accessories for their tabletops. What if you brought that same intention to your outdoor space? With the amount of creativity that you emphasized in your living room, you could create something that’s extraordinary. Think about how your guests will react when they see your outdoor furniture cushions cohesively match the interior of your home but are meant to withstand the harsh nature of the outdoors? More likely than not, they’ll be surprised and even in awe.

Furthermore, you can even make your backyard lounge look and feel way more comfortable by adding throw blankets and even colorful pillows. Take that chair cushion and add some flavor by finding a case that adds a whole new aesthetic layer to your patio. Also, consider placing some small potted plants like herbs or other succulents as living centerpieces for that added touch. If the fences that surround your patio look somewhat empty, plant some flowering vines to trail up the sides or even hang some antique art pieces like lanterns for interest. The possibilities are endless and there’s nothing that should hold your creativity back. Whatever you can imagine, bring it to life in any way that you can. Start by setting a theme and work your way from there. Eventually, your imagination will go on auto-pilot and begin to work on its own.

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